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  • Fruit Rose Vase Florals
  • Fruit Rose Vase Florals

Fruit Rose Vase Florals

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A flower is the ultimate expression of love that is gifted to us by nature. There is a certain elegance and happiness that is hard to match. But as we are always innovating, we have brought in one more of nature's beauty into this creation, the delicious and beautiful strawberry (as per seasonal availability or will be replaced by a fruit that is equally suitable). Paired with fresh handpicked red roses along with other fillers, this is a match made in heaven. The intense depth of colours and textures between fruit and flower is truly magical. The lovely and elegant vase bowl also gives it a unique touch. This is a combination that will definitely be appreciated by the one you gift it to. Deliveries limited to Mumbai, Thane and Vashi only.

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Product FAQs

Requirements from buyer and general information
Picture shown is only an indication; actual product may vary as flowers are seasonal in nature and may or may not be available in the delivering city. However we will try to send the gift as close as to the picture shown and flowers may be substituted in respect to color, variety, size etc as per availability. If the flowers shown are not available a similar variety will be used of same or higher value.
Buyer is required to give name and address of receiver, telephone number of receiver, date of delivery and the message to go along on the card to be mentioned. May Flower will not be responsible if the recipient address is incomplete or incorrect, recipient refuses to accept gift, and recipient is not present at the delivery location. Delivery to military bases, prison etc may not be possible.
Add on gifts such as Stuff Toys, Chocolates, Cakes, Dry Fruits, Fresh Fruits etc may differ from city to city but we will send the same or higher value substitute if necessary. Add on gift and the flowers may not be delivered together at the same time in the delivery city.
Delivery on Public Holidays excluded in the delivering city. Deliveries on Sunday available in most cities in India.
Delivery time is between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. However, time of delivery cannot be guaranteed. Before and after this time please inquire with our customer care.
Midnight delivery can be done only in selected places and will be charged extra depending on location.
All Flowers are procured fresh from growers hence quality is guaranteed.
If you require something other than what is provided kindly Contact Us and we will arrange it for you.