• Sikkim International Flower Show 2013

    Sikkim International Flower Show 2013

    Flora and Fauna Sikkim is situated in an ecological hotspot of the lower Himalayas, one of only three among the ecoregions of India. The forested regions of the state exhibit a diverse range of fauna and flora. Owing to its altitudinal gradation, the state has a wide variety of plants, from tropical species to temperate, alpine and tundra ones, and is perhaps one of...
  • Healing Power of Flowers

    Healing Power Of Flowers As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” As much as we may appreciate the beauty of different flowers emerging from sleepy ground, many floral friends are much more than just a pretty face. Some flowers possess the power to heal, earning them a place in your medicine cabinet as well as your favourite vase. It’s no secret...
  • Flower of the Month - April

    Flower of the Month - April

    The April Birth Flower is the Sweet pea. The History and traditions surrounding the April Birth Flower, the Sweet pea is fascinating. There are many myths and legends about the origins of this tradition. It is believed that birthday celebrations originated in the Roman Empire and the origins of birth month flowers, such as the Sweet pea, could be said to date back to...
  • Significance of Sending Flowers

    Significance of Sending Flowers

    Flowers are the important spirit of life and identity of the nature. Flowers are granted with the quality of willingness to impose the people, follow them. They at once bring shine of happiness on the faces of the recipient them. Flowers are the basic part of any mark occasions and important ceremonies. Whether it a cultural celebration, or a family get-together, flowers dominate and...
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