A section dedicated to flowers that are sold at a discounted rate. Save some money on flower bouquets that go on sale for a limited time period only. Sale flowers are updated on a regular basis.

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Flowers On Sale Online

Flowers are the perfect gift for every occasion, and they are also among the most convenient types of gifts that you can send nowadays. That’s because you don’t necessarily have to visit a brick and mortar store location in order to send flowers to Mumbai or any other location that you wish to send them to. Instead, you can order flowers online at May Flower and just schedule them to be delivered at the date of your choice all from the comfort of your own home or office. 

Order Flowers Online at a Deal 

Of course, if you’re like most of us, then you probably always have your eyes peeled for a deal. At May Flower, we frequently offer deals on our floral arrangements and bouquets. Almost any time you visit our site you can find select floral arrangements and bouquets listed on sale at a discount off their normal prices. This makes it so that you can schedule a birthday flower delivery or any flower delivery in Mumbai for that matter and save money while doing so. Of course, while birthday flower deliveries are among the most popular ones, you can also schedule an online delivery of flowers for Woman’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries and so many other occasions too.

Variety of Discounted Flowers to choose from

No matter whether you want to send flowers to Mumbai or schedule a flower delivery in Mumbai, we are an online florist who offers you a variety of discounted flowers to choose from. When you’re looking for a deal on flowers, you can browse our discounted flowers to find everything from arrangements featuring bright floral blossoms to ones featuring soft, pastel-colored blossoms. Likewise, our “On Sale” section feature everything from roses and orchids to lilies and carnations. With so many color schemes and types of flowers to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find a floral arrangement that suits the occasion you want to send the flowers for as well as the recipient’s preferences.

Fresh Flowers On Sale 

It’s important to note that just because we put certain floral bouquets and arrangements on sale doesn’t mean that the flowers are no longer fresh. Indeed, they are quite fresh, just like our normally-priced floral bouquets and arrangements. We haven’t put them on sale because there is anything wrong with them. Rather, we just want to be able to offer our customers a few special deals and discounts periodically to make it more affordable for them to send birthday flowers online or schedule any online delivery of flowers for that matter. All our flowers are sourced from premium growers, so they are the highest quality available, no matter whether they are listed at a deal or discount.

Discounted Gift Hampers and Other Extras

We know that sometimes you also might want to send another type of gift to your recipient along with the floral arrangements and bouquets that you pick out to send. That’s why we offer a variety of gift hampers featuring fruit, chocolates and other snacks as well as other extras and gift goodies like teddy bears. Like our floral arrangements and bouquets, we sometimes put some of our gift hampers and other extras on sale for your convenience. Any time you’re considering sending a gift hamper or want to add any other type of gift extra to your floral arrangement, be sure to check our on sale section to see if we have any gift items listed on sale.

On Sale Inventory Updated Regularly

Any time you order flowers online from May Flower, you should always be sure to check our on sale section to see what our latest deals and discounts are. We regularly update our on sale section, so it’s important to check back regularly if you want to stay up to date on what floral bouquets, arrangements and gift items that we have listed on sale. Sometimes we even have bouquets and arrangements on sale that come in beautiful vases or baskets that you can keep and reuse long after the flowers themselves have wilted and faded.

User-Friendly Filters for Easy Browsing

Just like you can browse the rest of our website by filtering the search results with the many category filters that we offer on our site, so can you do so within our “On Sale” section. For instance, if you know that you have a set budget for the maximum amount that you want to spend on your floral bouquets, arrangements and gifts, then you can set the filters to only show you on sale inventory in your price range. Likewise, if you’re looking for a  certain type of color or flower, you can adjust the filters to only include items in the search results in the “Sale” section that meet your specifications. You can even search by occasion or city, although just because certain floral bouquets and arrangements are listed under a certain occasion category doesn’t mean that you can’t, in fact, send them for another occasion if you wish to do so. All of this is designed to make it more convenient and easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for when you want to schedule an online delivery of flowers.

Order Flowers Online with Secure Payment

We make it easier than ever to shop online with us. All you have to do is pick out the flowers that you want to have delivered to your recipient and then schedule the delivery by choosing from the dates we have available to deliver them. Our website will generate a calendar showing the earliest dates that the flowers you’ve selected can be delivered to your specified location, and you’ll also be given another opportunity to add any gift hampers, teddy bears or other extras to your order before placing it. Once you’ve finalized your selection, you can pay for your order via our secure payment system. Not only do we accept credit and debit cards, but we also accept payment via PayPal. 
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