• How to Make Bath Salts from Flower Petals

    How to Make Bath Salts from Flower Petals

    Tutorial: How to Make Bath Salts from Flower Petals When you’re the recipient of an online delivery of flowers, you might think that you can only enjoy your flower bouquets as long as the blossoms stay alive. However, although you can’t prevent the flowers from eventually wilting and fading, you can still get some use from them after they’re gone per Mother Nature’s course....
  • Why do Flowers have Fragrance?

    Why do Flowers have Fragrance?

    Why do Flowers have Fragrance? Whenever we think of flowers, first thing that comes to the mind is the smell apart from others such as colors, shapes etc. Even when you pass thru a garden, the fragrance of flowers completely engulfs us. Nature has instilled flowers with beauty, charisma, colors, fragrance and nectar. Insects get pulled towards flowers and they sit on them and...
  • Potpourri Dried Flowers

    Potpourri Dried Flowers

    Potpourri – Dried Flowers Potpourri or dried flower is the best dry arrangement that is easily available everywhere these days. There are several people who have been wasting their time to dry flowers and sell them but now flowers, leaves, tree barks, scones, buds, etc. are all being dried. These flowers are not only used as dried flowers but they are also painted. When...
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