• Make Mirrors Out of Fresh Flowers

    Make Mirrors Out of Fresh Flowers

    Make Mirrors Out of Fresh Flowers When you order an online delivery of flowers or someone sends flowers to you from an online florist, you might be looking for creative ways to use those flowers. Sure, you can always place them on your desk or table to serve as decorations, but there’s also more creative and innovative things you can do with them as...
  • What Flowers Grow during Monsoons

    What Flowers Grow during Monsoons

    What kind of flowers grow in Rainy Season Whether you are a lover of nature or not, you will love the magic of seasons that impacts the natural environment around you. One such example is the impact that the monsoons have on flowers. Different flowers bloom in different seasons. Difference in temperatures, soil pH level and climatic conditions are the primary reasons that different...
  • Flower Photography Tips and Tricks

    Flower Photography Tips and Tricks

    How to Photograph Flowers The October heat is here and flowers are starting to bloom everywhere. It is surely the correct time to go outside with your camera and capture the beauty that unfolds around you after the heavy seasonal monsoon. For Non Professional photography enthusiast, it is very vital to understand how lighting, time of the day and depth of field will impact...
  • Ways to Repurpose Almost Dead Flowers

    Ways to Repurpose Almost Dead Flowers

    Ways to Re-purpose Almost Dead Flowers When you buy flowers online, you’re sure to be pleased with their vibrant look while they’re fresh, but what do you do when they start wilting and dying? If you’re like most people, your instinct is to simply throw them out and opt for some new, fresher bouquets. However, just because your flowers are a bit wilted doesn’t...
  • Alternate Ways to Display Your Flowers

    Alternate Ways to Display Your Flowers

    Ditch the Vase: Innovative Ways to Display Your Flowers When you order flowers online or are the recipient of an online delivery of flowers, you’ll likely want to display your flower bouquets for as long as you can. Although some flower arrangements come in vases, all of them don’t. While you can always stick your flower arrangements in a vase, there are plenty of...
  • Flowers - Gesture of Goodwill

    Flowers - Gesture of Goodwill

    A Gesture of Goodwill: Welcoming Your Guests with a Bouquet of Flowers Next time you consider flowers, think about online flower delivery in India. No need to run to the shop,sending flowers online for birthdays and other special occasions is very easy in India. The gift of flowers can be valuable in many instances when you need to make a lasting impression or show...
  • Flower Grown in Space

    Flower Grown in Space

    A flower has bloomed in space for the first time ever, aboard the International Space Station. On Saturday, American astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a photograph of a zinnia flower that had blossomed in the space laboratory. Kelly has been working there since March 2015 and has become the resident gardener on board. This accomplishment brings space explorers a step closer to growing fresh produce...
  • The Art of Flower Making With French Bead

    The Art of Flower Making With French Bead

    Beads flowers can be used as a same way like silk flowers or fresh flowers. These flowers have been used for many years, and this is making them different from the other flower arrangements, and that is the reason, these flowers are the best flowers to make ideal inserts in the bridal bouquets, hair barrettes, bridal headdresses, napkin rings, corsages, 3D pictures, as well...
  • How Florists Keep Flowers Fresh for Long

    How Florists Keep Flowers Fresh for Long

    If you are the one, who is looking to find the best combinations of the flowers, then there is nothing best than to have the services of the florists, which can be the best option at all. But, when we think to have the best combinations of the flowers, then we always take into consideration the freshness of the flowers available. So, ideally, the...
  • How to Keep Roses and Lilies Fresh for Long

    How to Keep Roses and Lilies Fresh for Long

    Roses and Lilies If you are looking to keep flower long so try one of these methods, it will help definitely. We know there are some flowers that are not only flowers for you. They are memories that you don’t want to let them go or waste. The methods are also important when it becomes important to preserve them for a longer period of...
  • How To Grow Orchids

    How To Grow Orchids

    How To Grow Orchids Orchids are among the most beautiful flowers of the entire plant kingdom, combining exotic looks with a diverse set of characteristics. Orchids are exquisite plants, compromising over 30,000 different species and over 200,000 hybrid varieties–making orchids the largest family of plants in the world. Capable of growing indoors and outdoors, orchids are no doubt unique and, unfortunately for some potential...
  • Flower Rangoli

    Flower Rangoli

    Floral Rangoli Rangoli is a folk art from India. Rangoli is made in living rooms and courtyards floors during Hindu festivals and ceremonies like wedding and events. Rangoli is sacred and used for welcoming Hindu deities. The art has been passed down through ages, from each generation to next generation keeping the art and tradition alive. Rangoli design is created by using colors, dry...
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