• Easy way to send Birthday gift online with beautiful flowers

    Easy way to send Birthday gift online with beautiful flowers

    For almost everyone around the world, a birthday is an extraordinary occasion. It is one day in the year that they look forward. On this day, everyone has some expectations. They expect their near and dear ones to wish them and make their day special. Hence, when it is the birthday of someone that you love and respect, then you should make every effort...
  • Long Lasting Flower Varieties

    Long Lasting Flower Varieties

    Best Bouquet Flowers: Long-Lasting Varieties No matter whether you plan on sending a bouquet of flowers to someone else or you’re ordering them for yourself, you likely want your bouquets to last for a little while after you order them. While no bouquets will last forever, there are certain varieties of flowers that have a longer life span after they are cut, and these...
  • Lilies: Oriental and Asiatic

    Lilies: Oriental and Asiatic

    Oriental Lilies and Asiatic Lilies Lilies or Liliums as they are known in the local Indian flower market are truly great flowers and their form, bloom season and graceful appearance have their own beauty and elegance. Lilies are in various colors and in different forms which may not be noticeable to the layman but there are different grades and textures of these beautiful flowers....
  • Taking Care of Flowers during Summer

    Taking Care of Flowers during Summer

    It is the peak of Summer and this year the heat has been extremely erratic and temperatures have reached high degree’s than usual across India. Us humans are barely being able to survive these temperatures, hence one can image how this would affect fresh flower arrangements. Flowers go thru a long journey after being harvested and packed at the growers to being transported to...
  • Silk Flowers Vs Fresh Flowers : A Comparison

    Silk Flowers Vs Fresh Flowers : A Comparison

    The journey of our life is full of joys and special moments, celebrations, and jubilations, and when these events are celebrated with the silk and fresh flowers, then these moments become so classical moments. Buying the fresh flowers like lilies or silk flowers involves the great thinking and great emotions. These flowers reflect that these are special flowers, and these flowers will make you...
  • How to Keep Roses and Lilies Fresh for Long

    How to Keep Roses and Lilies Fresh for Long

    Roses and Lilies If you are looking to keep flower long so try one of these methods, it will help definitely. We know there are some flowers that are not only flowers for you. They are memories that you don’t want to let them go or waste. The methods are also important when it becomes important to preserve them for a longer period of...
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