• How to Order Flowers Online for Housewarming in India

    How to Order Flowers Online for Housewarming in India

    When you move into a new house, there are so many things that need to be done. It would be best if you bought furniture, interior fittings, and other changes. Coordinating all there is no easy task. While friends and family will help you out with some of these tasks, there are some things that only you can handle. One such thing is setting...
  • Flower Grown in Space

    Flower Grown in Space

    A flower has bloomed in space for the first time ever, aboard the International Space Station. On Saturday, American astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted a photograph of a zinnia flower that had blossomed in the space laboratory. Kelly has been working there since March 2015 and has become the resident gardener on board. This accomplishment brings space explorers a step closer to growing fresh produce...
  • Picking The Right Flowers

    Picking The Right Flowers

    How to choose the right flowers for the right occasion Picking out the right kind of flowers for different occasions can be quite a challenging task. What kind of flowers to get, or what color should they be or what form they should be in i.e. hand bunch or basket or vase etc. Many such factors must be taken into consideration before making a...
  • Do Dried Flowers Bring Bad Luck?

    Do Dried Flowers Bring Bad Luck?

    Do Dried Flowers bring Bad Luck? Here we go…another silly myth incorrectly associated with Feng Shui… Much has been written in Feng Shui literature associating dried plants with negative energy. Some of this information goes to the extreme by crediting dried plants as the potential source of all sorts of calamities. This of course is not true. This myth is based on the concept...
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