• Why Roses are Red

    Why Roses are Red

    The winter season is approaching, and it is once again the time to be jolly. Most parts of India experience a delightful weather during this time of the year. Moreover, the different festivities and celebrations such as Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day make this season even more special. In addition to that this is the time when most people also prefer to get...
  • Now multiple flowers options available for choosing perfect flower delivery online

    Now multiple flowers options available for choosing perfect flower delivery online

    Have you thought about gifting flowers but don’t know where to start? Ever wanted to order flowers online? Tired of searching for the perfect online flower delivery Mumbai? Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Fret not, for we have a comprehensive guide that will make sure you get the right flower for the right occasion, every time: Anemone symbolizes patience and anticipation....
  • Black Rose - Turkish Halfeti

    Black Rose - Turkish Halfeti

    Turkish Halfeti Roses are incredibly rare. They are shaped just like regular roses, but their color sets them apart. These roses so black, you’d think someone spray-painted them. But that’s actually their natural color. These stunning black roses would make excellent props in a movie about witches and black magic, or in a heavy-metal video. There’s something extremely attractive about them, in an intense...
  • Why are Roses so Popular?

    Why are Roses so Popular?

    Why are Roses so Popular? All flowers in nature are beautiful in their own special way. However not all of them are popular. There are various flowers that are popular due to their beauty, fragrance etc. Rose is the most popular flower in the world and are the most popular flower sold at Florists in the world flower market. Rose has become synonymous with...
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