4 Appeals of Flowers by Numbers


With so many options, the process to order flowers online requires strategic organizing. Mumbai Florist organizes its arrangements by occasions. Among the options such as ‘weddings,’ ‘Mother’s Day,’ and ‘birthdays’ is ‘flower by numbers.’

Why is this an option? Why would people care about how many flowers are in an arrangement? Florists like the Mumbai flower shop utilizes 4 appeals to its flowers by numbers arrangement.

Appeal #1: Design to Balance
An ingrained practice of flower shops like Bombay Florist is the ‘Rule of Three.’ Three is an odd number, which created a balance. Odd numbers of flowers in an arrangement creates a central focal point. Some flower arrangements clearly state their odd numbers. Some examples include 30 red rose basket, 50 red rose vase, and 150 red roses bunch.

Appeal #2: Volume to Impress
Another appeal to send flowers to Mumbai is to make a statement. How impressive would it be for a loved one, an employee, or a CEO to find a garden of flowers from the best florist in Mumbai delivered to their home or office? This garden specifically incites awe and grandness by its size. May Flower’s arrangements offer a wide range of wow factors. These sizes include numbers such as 500, 300, 250, 150, and 100.

May Flower also possesses an exclusive special order for those who choose to upgrade from their 500 Red Roses to the 1,000 Red Roses. This offer applies only to the Mumbai and Bombay area. This May Flower special is a rarity in the floral industry and makes it a stronger presentation to impress by having this number of flowers delivered to one’s doorway. These options to create an impression make the usage of the flower delivery to Mumbai ideal to decrease the concerns of tackling a large delivery.

Appeal #3: Milestones to Celebrate
Many traditions often celebrate milestones, making it an important reason to send flowers to India. It is true one could take the approach of selecting an arrangement or customizing the arrangement to have the exact amount of milestones. However, Bombay florist also offers symbolic flower arrangements. The symbolic flower arrangements are handcrafted arrangements shaped into numbers or letters. This arrangement appeals to those who want flower delivery to celebrate the golden years of 50 years of a business serving its clients or the crowning piece at a 50 year marriage anniversary party.

Appeal #4: Sounds to Play
One of the things you may not know when you go to buy flowers for Mumbai is how you listen to an arrangement’s description. It is easy to say, “I want 24 roses.” But saying a “double dozen” with its alliteration. A dozen roses also sounds more appealing than saying “I want 12 roses.”

Flower by numbers is a way to sort through all the flower arrangements on May Flower. The secret draw of the flowers by numbers are the appeals of design, volume, milestones, and sound. Take a look and consider the special appeal next time you order flowers online for special occasions.

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