City of (Floral) Dreams


Mumbai, also known as the financial capital of India, is hustling and bustling with the second largest population in India. With so many people fighting for the same space in someone else’s life, how can you set yourself apart? It’s quite simple. Using the various internet web sites that send flowers to Mumbai, one can ensure that the first impression is long lasting and will not be forgotten so easily.

Mumbai: A city of dreams
Mumbai, also called Bombay, is a major metropolis on the western coast of India. Due to its early founding, it has a very cosmopolitan culture that embraces new fashions and trends from around the world. Many superstars and cricketers have chosen to make this beautiful city their home. IPL matches are regularly played at Wankhede Stadium, and money worth millions is transacted every single day at BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) just a short walk away. From Antilla to Antop hill, the city is teeming with rich and famous people around the country who can make or break entire careers. In such an area it is hard to even meet important people more than once, and in order to take things beyond a two minute chat it is necessary to make the right first impression. That’s where online delivery of flowers comes in to the picture.

Many times, in romance and dating as well, a first impression makes all the difference. A first chat may or may not change into a first date, but a first date is make or break for the entire relationship.

In such a situation, in order to purposefully maximise your chances of successfully holding your partner enchanted for the entire evening, it is necessary to take a few extra steps to go from not bad to memorable. Flowers can help you go that extra mile. A fresh bouquet of flowers and lo and behold, people will be blown away by your caring attitude. In India, some of the most common flowers are lily, lotus, rose, marigold, jasmine and champak.

Flowers and the Internet

The popularity of bouquets and flower merchandise has exploded in recent years, thanks to the many innovations on the internet. Entrepreneurs have successfully created online digital platforms to cater to a growing base of consumers. Even Internet connections are improving in India. Google recently began providing free Wi-Fi to commuters in Mumbai local trains. Even Reliance has given free internet to Indian customers for nearly one year indirectly through Jio. This has enabled many people to discover the wonders of the modern era. Many customers are now shopping online. So today, a shopkeeper in Pune can send flowers to Mumbai just in time for an engagement, or a customer in Navi Mumbai can order a fresh bouquet with just a swipe of her fingers. Because of the miracles of the cyber smart population, online delivery of flowers is at a record high, and consumers are increasingly ordering beautiful flowers to freshen up their dull environment.

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