The Most Famous and Beautiful Flowers Around the World


There is a variety of flowers according to the types and seasons. Some of them are most popular and famous to their colors and occasions. These famous flowers include Rose, Jessica, Sarah, Azalea and Dahlia. There are many other flowers which we never consider as flowers such as Memphis Eve, Ocean and Apple. There are countless flower names which are famous in most of the countries and many others which only famous within the region or country. We will discuss here some most common and few our most favorites. You can choose them according to your need and occasions.


This is a beautiful flower. It is a sonorous flowering plant of the colorful flower’s family. Aster flower family have more than 180 species. It is relatively new to the flower name category. The story behind its name, a comedian Gilbert Gottfried used its name when naming his daughter, Lily Aster.


Azalea flower belongs to the Rhododendron family and looks big bright spring time blooms. It is also new added name in flower’s list. This name got popularity in the recent days by rapper Azalea Banks and a pop artist Iggy Azalea.


This is lovely flower with light blue bloom gained momentum and became famous when Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell named her new born baby girl.


The perfect unisex name, it is also known as inflorescence. When we say “clovers” then we are talking about the members of the genus Trifoliumin, the Bean Family. The popularity of this flower has grown over the last few years.


This Mexican flower needs minimum eight hours of sunlight. This plant derives from the daisy family and got popularity for its brightly colored single and double flowers. In the language of flowers, dahlia has red and yellow colored which represent elegance and dignity, you can start dahlias from seeds, it is easy to begin with tubers. It is a most popular flower in most of the countries.


Fleur reflects to the French word for flower. This flower is getting popularity for birthday and Valentine’s Day events. Fleur was the name of a beautiful girl in the Harry Potter series from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. It has variety of colors, but red and golden are most famous.


This flower has almost 15 species and most famous in the central and southern Europe. It can be found in the northwestern part in Africa and in the southern Asia but also getting famous in Japan. This flower is greenish yellow. When we talk about its popularity, Beyonce and Jay-Z named their babies as Blue Ivy. The one of Batman’s most villainous opponents was in fact Poison Ivy.


Jasmine is the most popular name for such a long time. It is a genus of vines and shrubs which belongs to the Olive family. This is a climbing plant. Jasmine flower is a decorative and fragrant beauty. These flowers are most popular in white, pink, or yellow colors. This flower got popularity after the release of the 1992 Disney film, Aladdin, a character of beautiful Princess Jasmine.


This beautiful flower is most popular especially used in the religious traditions of both Buddhism and Hinduism.


This beautiful flower includes a wide range in varieties and colors. This flower basically belongs to Asia, North America and Europe. These flowers are in bloom throughout the season. They don’t require mulching or protection in the winter season.

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