Flower Pricing on May Flower


Some information regarding our flower pricing

Flowers are a commodity that have fluctuations in prices throughout the year. During wedding seasons or certain festivals the prices sky rocket whereas during off season the prices of flowers go down due to demand and supply variations. We follow a pricing strategy that during off season when certain flower prices are low(most commonly roses being higher on occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mothers day etc), we offer discounts in the form of coupons or put certain bouquets in the sale section. Unlike most other florists, we will give you exactly the same specification of bouquet (flower count and style) for a reduced cost as the cost of procuring the flowers has become less. Discounts and coupons maybe less during peak season but due to bulk purchasing from farms we at May Flower provide affordable flower pricing throughout the year in addition to discount coupons and sale items.

Discount coupons as of now are valid on your full order, which include even the price of the gifts add on. This works out to a double discount as you get the flowers at a reduced cost as well as the gift. All in all a tempting deal that can save you quite a few bucks.

Being in this field of floral delivery since 1980 May Flower strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction and the outcome of these efforts are loyal customers for life!

Do keep in mind that sale items are refreshed frequently and promo coupons are sent out to our customers who are members or subscribed to our newsletters.

To see some items on sale at this very moment or order flowers online do visit us at May Flower

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