Fun Facts about Flowers


Since time immemorial flowers have had a very close relationship with human beings. It has always managed to intrigue the people with its beauty and its fragrance. It has come to be signified as a suitable gift for any auspicious occasion. Be it a birthday, marriage or a congratulatory gift it always conveys a heartfelt message. Despite humans being so closely associated with flowers, there are certain interesting facts which very few people know. In this article, we will discuss two interesting facts about flowers which are not widely known. While are also providing tips on how to order flowers online Mumbai.

Tulip Mania

No matter how much a person loves flowers or no matter how rare a flower is, it is challenging to imagine it to be dearer than gold. However, there was a time in the 17th century when Tulip flowers were costlier than gold in the modern-day Netherlands. During the 1630s a phenomenon called ‘Tulip Mania’ struck some of the countries in Western Europe. There was such spectacular rise in the demand for these flowers that Tulips were used as a form of currency. One reason for such strange need for Tulips was that it signified love, life, and immortality. Unfortunately, the Tulip mania was not immortal, and its demand soon died down.

Angelic Effects of Angelica

Angelica is a pretty popular flower in present times. However, very few know why and how it got its name. In the earlier times for many centuries, the angelica flowers were known to be of great help to cure people of different types of diseases and problems. It is particularly well known for providing care to the bubonic plague, a few centuries ago. Apart from acting as a medicine, it was also considered to have the power to break spells and hexes and put away the evil spirits. There was a common superstition that if angelica flower is added to the ritual bath, then it acts as a protector against the evil powers.

Superstitions apart, Scientists have also agreed that Angelica is an excellent gerbil tea to be consumed when suffering from issues related to indigestion, gas, colic, heartburn, and hepatitis. It is also very efficient in providing remedies for the infections of the human respiratory system, liver issues, and digestive problems. Hence, it is clear that this flower is not just about good looks and great smell, but it has other utilities too.

Flowers for Gifts

As mentioned before, various flowers mean and do different things. So it is imperative to know what they signify before you order flowers online Mumbai. There are many websites which do online flower delivery in Mumbai who suggest and educate their buyers about the different aspects of the flowers that they sell. Hence when you send flowers to Mumbai next time you should know what kind of flowers to send for what occasion. It will not only give you great satisfaction while gifting but also if the person receiving it knows about flowers, then that person will be delighted with the gesture too.

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