Ikebana- Japanese art of floral arrangements


Ikebana is the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging. The name comes from the Japanese ike, meaning ‘alive’ or ‘arrange’ and bana meaning ‘flower.’ Historical texts indicate that Ikebana became a staple in Japanese forms of worship with the advent of Buddhism in Japanese culture. These arrangements have since grown widely in popularity due to the enthusiasm of people to send flowers to Mumbai, and have started being displayed as art forms in people’s homes. However, Ikebana is seen as more than just decorative in the Japanese culture and is said to be the bridge between the exterior and interior of our homes. No wonder Ikebana has become the best form to send flowers to Mumbai in. The whole process of arrangement according to ikebana is supposed to be meditative in nature, with the person practising it doing so in silence and in a secluded space where they can be at perfect peace of mind. For enthusiasts of floral arrangements, this has thus become a perfect reason to send flowers to Mumbai.

How flower delivery in Mumbai has helped make Ikebana popular.

The arrangement of flowers done according to this philosophy, is very precise and yet simple in nature. The Japanese believe in simplicity of living as well as spirituality for every soul, and this is very well visible in the ikebana way of floral arrangements. The reason ikebana has become so popular with even ordinary people who practise this solely because of its philosophy, is because with the advent of flower delivery in Mumbai, it has become very easy to obtain the necessary volume of flowers required for this arrangement. In ikebana, the lengths of the different flowers are in a very specific ratio in accordance to each other. The longest branch to be placed in the vase, thus, represents heaven. The middle branch represents man, and the shortest represents earth. These three branches and the associated decorative branches of flowers can be of the same or different types, both of which have been made easily available because you can send flowers to Mumbai through online service.

Ikebana – Japanese floral arrangement

How to use online delivery of flowers in practising the art of Ikebana.

The flowers to be used in ikebana arrangements aren’t strictly defined according to variety or colours. Instead, this art encourages people to experiment and explore the endless possibilities and combinations they can achieve with different flowers available through online delivery of flowers. The only point to keep in mind is how these flowers interact with each other to use the idea of space and simplicity to the fullest potential. Some flowers though, have become quite popular to practising people due to their ability to go well with many varieties of other flowers and their easy availability by the online delivery of flowers. Peach and plum flowers for example are used to make the longest branch due to their rigidity of stem. Many variations in terms of colours for these flowers are available if you opt for online shopping and online delivery of flowers. Thistle and Dahlia flowers are considered best for the middle branch, and Rosemary is considered best for shortest branches.

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