Making a Hand Tied Bunch


Steps to Create a Simple Hand Tied Bunch of Flowers

Making a hand bunch may look difficult but knowing the basic technique and choosing the correct flowers will make your bunch a breeze and a few easy steps and you can easily make your own beautiful bunch of flowers.

Your first step should be picking up a bunch of flowers that you wish to make your bunch with. You can start with a few basic flowers such as roses, carnations, lilies and maybe some smaller filler flowers such as gypsophila or chrysanthemums.

First remove all the foliage and dried leaves from all of the stems of your flowers. We start with making the base of the hand bouquet and for this you need to group a few of your larger flowers (lilies) together. Add your roses, carnations and start to build the body of the base. To give the correct shape you need to add them in small groups so that the bouquet looks balanced (if you add two roses on one side of the bunch then you add another on the opposite side so as to level and balance out the bunch. The basic idea is to focus on making the shape round of the bunch and the main idea is to keep the flowers getting fuller by adding them close to each other and this will add to getting more fullness and body to the bouquet. This will create your base of the bunch and if you have done it the correct way all of your stems will be shooting out at the base in every way possible. If your stems are straight and pointing down then you have not gone the correct way. At this point it would be best to shuffle a few flowers to get the flowing round shape of the bunch.

You can wrap the stems at the base with tape, or use rubber bands or string but do not tighten them too much that you are unable to add more stems to the bunch. You can add some few greens to the bunch around the perimeter and some ferns. You can add a few chrysanthemums also to the centre of the bunch to break the monotony of the bigger flowers and create a different matching colour scheme. Be careful not to try and stuff the additional flowers to the existing bunch into the tape or string that is tied to the bunch. Always go on the outer side of these. Once you have put a few flowers and you feel you are getting a little heavy in the hand you can do another round of tape or string and hold the stems tighter and you can remove the old tape or let it stay.

You may want to further clean up the bouquet and adjust the flower stems where some flower have got too close or overlapped and hidden and push them up towards the top of the bunch so that they can be seen. Now towards the final touches of the bouquet add some more fillers to the empty gaps and give it the final body of the bunch after which you can turn the bouquet upside down and tie the final tape or string. At this point you want to cut all the stems that are shooting out at the base so that all of them are the exact same length and make sure they are long enough to hold using two hands.

Now it is time to either wrap the bunch with paper or you can simple go for ribbon straight away around the base of the stems. Make sure you have ribbon measure to be more than you think you will require. Starting from the top, hold the ribbon and use a pin to shove it up inside the stems to hold it into place. This will hold the ribbon so that you can easily start wrapping the bouquet round.

You can go round from the top till the base of the stems and you can go all the way down or just leave a few inches and stop and again use another pin and shove it in the end making sure it goes thru the ribbon and thru a stem and is firmly in place.

Thats it! Your basic bouquet is tied and you can either put this in a vase without having to remove any ribbon or just hand it over to someone that you want to present the bouquet to. It takes some practice but you can easily make your own bouquet.

Many florists here in India pack the bouquet in cellophane or any other hand woven paper which requires a little more skill but does hide hide the stems of the flowers and is more useful when you are presenting the flower bunch to someone in person.

So you can see that making a bunch of flower is not that difficult. You just have to just follow a pattern and the rest will just fall in place.

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