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Flowers and their fragrances

Flowers are known for their beauty and sweet smell that can uplift anybody’s mood. They can bring back cherished memories like visiting gardens during one’s childhood or roses from someone special. This is because the brain forms memories inclusive of all senses, and that includes the inputs from the olfactory nerve (the nerve that sends the signal from the nose to the brain). With online flower delivery, it has become really easy to gift flowers to loved ones on special occasions and create loving memories.

The specific smell of any flower is due to the combination of oils that are secreted on the surface of petals when the flower is in full bloom. These oils are secreted in the night or in the hour just before dawn so that the morning sun can slowly evaporate them and help attract insects for pollination. Most flowers are therefore harvested just before dawn so that they retain the beautiful aroma for long. But as the flowers wither, their smell can get lost, or sometimes even become foul.

Through centuries, people have struggled to preserve the smell of a flower even after it is past its bloom. One way is to dry the flowers under controlled conditions. Flowers are hung upside down from ceiling in dry and dark environment for days. Once completely dried, the petals are separated and stored for future use. Petals of different flowers can be mixed to create potpourri, pillow stuffing or powdered and mixed with talc. Another popular method is extracting essential oils. Essential oils not only preserve the smell, they also preserve the same medicinal benefits as the original flower.

Different flowers affect your moods differently, not just because of the memories associated with them, but because of the chemical composition of their oils and their interactions with the nervous system. This is an important basis for aromatherapy medications. When gifting flowers to someone, you can also choose flower fragrances to create a bouquet that smells just right for the occasion. In today’s times, online flower delivery makes variety of options and customizations possible to create the right bouquet. Some of the flowers and their aromatic properties are given below.

Lavender – It is known to relax the mind and nerves and is largely used for inducing calmness. It is the base fragrance in many sleep inducing oils and is known to help treat insomnia.

Jasmine – It has an instantly invigorating effect and is used to uplift moods. It is a known solution for depression and is also known to improve memory.

Rose – Its aphrodisiac properties are well known and hence rose has long been the symbol of love. Rose fragrance can easily become overpowering in a bouquet and hence achieving the right balance is important.

Lily – Lily has a calming effect. Its smell is known to relieve irritability and induce general feeling of happiness and calmness.

Carnation – It is known to have strong anti-depressant properties combined with a seductive scent that also makes it an effective aphrodisiac.

A professional florist is well versed with the fragrances and hence can suggest the right combination of flowers for the right occasion.

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