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In 1290 C.E, the great Venetian traveller Macro Polo, in the course of his wanderings set foot in Thane. He described the city as a great kingdom, which apparently had a well developed port, for he mentions a continuous traffic of ships, and merchants trading and exporting leather, buckram, cotton, and importing horses (This is supposed to be the area now known as Ghodbunder). Fast forward to 2017, where today Thane is known as a hot, crowded collection of residences and narrow roads with hawkers crammed into every available space making pedestrians dodge cars and motor bikes on the road. The average Mumbaikar does not prefer to travel to Thane if he or she can help it, especially given the state of the trains which are packed nearly every hour of the day. But how can one avoid going to the city, especially if a near and dear one lives there? Worry not, we have the answers.

The technological advances of the 21st century have made it possible to send flowers online. Using flower delivery in Mumbai which is freely available and quick and easy to utilise, one can send flowers to Thane with the click of a button and the swipe of one’s finger tips. It has never been easier to order flowers from a large and diverse variety of bouquets from all around the world and send it to anyone anywhere in India in a few easy steps.

In fact, most people today attempt to subvert the status quo that is the fact that every birthday requires a mandatory cake and celebration with the birthday person. Actually in this time of hustle and bustle, hardly any one has enough time to actually perform these rituals any more. Hence to satisfy the need of the hour, companies have popped up to send flowers online, much like the Pilgrims arrived on American shores in the 16th Century to colonise and civilise the barbarian population that lived there like heathens.

So in conclusion, if at all due to time constraint or exhaustion one wants to avoid long hours of commute for someone’s special occasion, one can always make it up to them with a variety of options such as a graceful and elegant bouquet or tourniquet. Flowers have the capacity to brighten any one’s mood and therefore they make a wise choice for someone who is already celebration a very special day. Poet laureates and playwrights alike have extolled the virtues of the delicate flowers they observed throughout the ages in all countries and nation states across the world. Stéphane Mallarmé, in one of his poems has also famously provided a vivid description of their admirable appearance and bewitching scents. He writes:

Young gladioli with the necks of swans,
Laurels divine, of exiled souls the dream,
Vermilion as the modesty of dawns
Trod by the footsteps of the seraphim;

The hyacinth, the myrtle gleaming bright,
And, like the flesh of woman, the cruel rose,
Hérodiade blooming in the garden light,
She that from wild and radiant blood arose!

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