Protecting your flowers in winter


The season has changed and the time to be joyous is right here. Winters have begun and that’s when we all start protecting our skin from the chills. So, why not those creatures who contribute a lot to our eco-system? Plants and flowers are the ones who add a lot of beauty to our nature. During the winters, the sunlight is minimal and the temperature is quite low. If you reside in a snowy region, it is very crucial for you to take ut-most care of the plants that you have kept at your place. We might adjust as per the climatic conditions but it is difficult for the plants and flowers do so. The sudden change in temperature can impact a lot on your plants and hinders their growth. If you love your plants and have developed a connection with them, you would definitely not want them to die. Letting your plants be healthy and taking care of their well-being in such climatic conditions is not an easy task.

Taking Care of Your Potted Plants

If you have acres of land, it is sure that you would have plants that are deep-rooted and potted plants as well. Whereas, if you are the one who stays in an apartment, you can take your potted plants inside the balcony. Winters can deteriorate the quality of your plants if they are kept in low temperature for a longer duration. While you take the plants indoor, ensure that you do not place it near the chimney ducts and AC vents. Placing them there would make the leaves dry up. The best place to keep your potted plants is in front of the ventilated window. If you are keeping them inside the room, don’t forget to expose them to sunlight in the daytime.

Insulating your plants

During winters, it is hard for the plants to transform the sunlight to heat. The reason is that the sun shines less than required. So, applying a layer of mulch would definitely help the plants to trap the moisture and heat in the soil. This would avoid freezing of plants and also help in maintaining their routine cycle. Mulch acts as an insulator when 2-3 inches of layer is applied to the leaves. It is prepared from wheat in order to protect rose plants, strawberries plant and a lot more.

Proper watering of plants

Don’t forget to water your plants twice a day. Have you ever checked on your plants when you go on a long holiday? They usually die. For your lovely plants to sustain longer, water the plants once in day and once in the night. Watering the plants before a frosty night helps in slow evaporation and warming up the air. Also, the slow evaporation traps the heat properly by holding the water for a longer duration during the night.

Building a Greenhouse

If you have a big garden, it is a wise idea to build a greenhouse for your potted plants. It is as good as building up a tent for yourself. Covering it up with a plastic or glass material would be a wise idea. This will not only protect your plants from the winter chills but also provide them sunlight during the daytime.

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