Sweet William Flowers


Sweet William is an irresistible, colorful, biennial flower. It grows for two years, blooming in the second year. Native to Europe, this colorful, compact plant is grown all over the U.S.

Sweet William varieties include perennials and biennials. The perennials are often grown as biennials. Plants grow 7-18 inches tall, depending upon variety. Flowers blooms are produced in clusters in the spring. Colors include white, red, pink, crimson, scarlet, purple, and bi-colors.

The compact size of Sweet Williams make them great for containers and pots. Try them in a windowsill or vertical planter. In flower beds, put these small plants at the front of the garden. Despite their small size, they make good cut flowers. All they need for indoor splendor, is a small vase.

Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) provides single or double blooms in an array of colors, including white, pink, yellow and bicolor varieties. The leaves supply an evergreen cover in winter garden beds when grown in mild areas, with the flowers blooming most profusely in the spring and summer. The plants grow well and require minimal care, supplying low-maintenance color to borders, beds and containers. Sweet William is a short-lived perennial, so it will require replanting every two to three years.

Sweet Williams, which stand out because of the frilly edges on the blooms, are a nice addition to flowerbeds. Their colorful white, pink, red and purple blooms make them a popular choice for flowerbeds, borders and window boxes. The spicy fragrance of the flowers makes them ideal for cut flower arrangements.

Sweet Williams, also known as dianthus barbatus, are rather unusual in that they grow as annuals in climates with cooler temperatures and perennials in warmer climates. The bad news is that they are relatively short-lived (even as perennials). The good news is that the plants often reseed themselves, eliminating the need to buy new ones for planting. Just leave the dried blooms in place.

Sweet William when used along with light colored flowers really give out a beautiful finished product in any bouquet and the hue and texture of each petal really makes the bouquet stand out and give a very classy touch to the overall design of the bouquet arrangement. Used extensively by May Flower for most bouquets which have pinks or yellows and whites, these flowers really stand out and can give an edge to the design over any other bouquet.

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