• Specialty of Winter Flowers

    Specialty of Winter Flowers

    Winter is the time of the year, when you sit before the fire, and having a big mug of coffee in your hand, and you think some coziest thing in your mind at the cold break day. Winter is also that time, when everyone is in wait of arrival of Valentine’s Day to express love and affiliation with his or her beloved ones. Then...
  • Send Flowers to Boost Up The Spirit Of Life

    Send Flowers to Boost Up The Spirit Of Life

    Send flowers to India to Boost up the Spirit of Life Flowers are the important spirit of life and identity of the nature. Flowers are granted with the quality of willingness to impose the people, follow them. They at once bring shine of happiness on the faces of those who receive them. Flowers are the basic part of any mark occasion and important ceremony....
  • Floral Demonstration IMC Mumbai

    Floral Demonstration IMC Mumbai

    Floral Demonstration at IMC Mumbai by Nalini Kapadia, Founder May Flower A floral demonstration was held at Indian Merchant Chambers Ladies Wing on 12th August 2013 held by Mrs. Vimla Patil and guest speaker was our founder Mrs. Nalini Kapadia. The main topic of discussion was how May Flower came into existence and the evolution from a hobby into a profession spread over a...
  • Send Flowers to India as Birthday Gifts

    Send Flowers to India as Birthday Gifts

    Send Flowers to India as Special Birthday Gifts It has always been a magnificent emotion in bringing smile on the faces of your valued ones, particularly, when the event of their birthday. Birthdays have great importance and carry some of the most valuable moments in everyone’s life. Birthdays are always unforgettable and remarkable for everyone’ life whether this event related to kid or any...
  • Eight Basic Flower Arranging Designs

    Eight Basic Flower Arranging Designs

    Eight Basic Flower Arranging Designs If you are used to working with fresh flowers, it will take some time to get used to all the possibilities and limitations when using silks. Though so similar in use, artificial flowers are an entirely different art form. The line, focal, filler technique is an excellent way to design artificial and dried flower arrangements. Horizontal Arrangements 1. Using...
  • Ruchika Fest 2013

    Ruchika Fest 2013

    Ruchika Fest 2013 The Ruchika Club is a prestigious organization comprising of women of multiple facets. With 500 members, the Club is like an extended family, spanning three generations, who come together under the same banner. Ruchika is a platform for social interaction, as well as grooming its members to emerge from their cocoons into confident women. Ruchika 2013 was held at World Trade...
  • Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok (BITEC)

    Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok (BITEC)

    Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok 9 – 11th May 2013 Horti Asia this year was held at Bangkok and was a big success. Horti Asia is an International Tradeshow for Horticultural and Floricultural production and Procession technology which displayed products and methods around the world for improvisation, innovation and growth mediums for flowers, plants, fruits and agricultural production on a whole. The event was at...
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