Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok (BITEC)


Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok 9 – 11th May 2013

Horti Asia this year was held at Bangkok and was a big success. Horti Asia is an International Tradeshow for Horticultural and Floricultural production and Procession technology which displayed products and methods around the world for improvisation, innovation and growth mediums for flowers, plants, fruits and agricultural production on a whole.

The event was at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre(BITEC) and held from 9th May to 11th May 2013. Horticulture has evolved from a mere farm activity into a business. Thailand location in the tropical region and the diverse nature of horticulture in various zones continually bring potential markets.

However, while the latest technologies are developed in one part of the globe, farmers in other parts remain ignorant. Processing technologies continue to be inaccessible and importers and processors who want high volumes find no platform to contact suppliers. A need for a common platform persists. South East Asian horticulture also needs an international platform to be able to play in the global market.

ASEAN market access and development is not just about tariffs and market entry price and price competition. The industry needs to take a differentiated marketing approach to its exports to deal with its competitive threats from major competitors (that is, China, South Africa and South America) in order to sustain and increase its market share for the short, medium and long term.

Horti Asia 2012, poised to become the most massive horticulture trade show in ASEAN, will present the platform to the entire horticulture and food sector from producers to retailers, to come and connect together.

The Kingdom of Thailand, thanks to some government initiatives like Strong Thailand Project in 2010-2012 and The Royal Rachapreuk Project 2011-2012, is continuously promoting modern marketing concepts and creating competitive atmosphere in favor of Thai farmers, circumventing middlemen, to increase the income of farmers.

Global export value for floricultural products cut-flowers, cut-foliage, bulbs and plants was at US$18,314 million in 2008, more than half of which (US$9,099 million) was from the Netherlands. Cut flowers for exports consist of orchids, roses, chrysanthemum, and gerbera. Thailands exporting value for floriculture products ranked 20th in the world, and estimated at US$111 million.

Cut flowers and ornamental plants have gone from domestic commodities into export and import substitutes. However, domestic demands for cut flowers and ornamental plants remain stable as hotels and condominiums expand around the country.Orchids, Thailand’s top floriculture product, remain in-demand. While the Netherlands ranked first in the global export value of orchid flowers with US$111.7 million (48.2%), Thailand ranked second with export value of 73.3 million U$ (31.6%). Thai orchid export value in 2009 accounted for 77% of all Thai floricultural products, with its estimated value at US$79.8 million.During the past year, dendrobium contributed 94.7% to total orchid cut flowers followed by Mokara (3.1%), Aranda (0.9%), Oncidium (0.7%), Aranthera (0.5%) and Vanda (0.1%). Key products were whole stems (88%), loose blooms (8.4%) and garlands (3.5%). The biggest importers for cut orchids were Japan (29.8%), USA (21.6%), Italy (9.4%) and China (8.6%).Thailand has a good variety and good quality and there is a soaring demand overseas. These markets include Amsterdam, and the United States. Thailand is the third largest exporter of flowers to the US, after Mexico and the Netherlands.Other floriculture exporting countries in Asia are Malaysia (US$66.8 m), Singapore (US$36.3 m), India (US$141.1 m), China (US$138.6), Taiwan (US$108.5), Japan (US$67.8 m) and Republic of Korea (US$59.7 m) Amongst the highlights of the show there was a huge display of flowers and plants at the entrance which caught everyone’s attention and here are some pictures to display the same.

Flowers, Plants and Machinery from Netherlands, Thailand ruled the roost and Orchids were the highlight of the show. I would like to see where the next show would be held and whether it would be on a larger scale than this one. You can get further information on flowers and how to order flowers online.

Images of Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok 9 – 11th May 2013:

 photo 20130509_152248_zps4c28c253.jpg  photo 20130509_150733_zpsf1742f71.jpg

 photo 20130509_150719_zpscfd07e3d.jpg  photo 20130509_150700_zps989abe45.jpg  photo 20130509_150626_zps1fcae777.jpg  photo 20130509_150552_zps44155529.jpg  photo 20130509_150514_zpse56e7bd2.jpg  photo 20130509_150447_zpsbdeba322.jpg  photo 20130509_145820_zps827c81db.jpg  photo 20130509_145728_zpsf262819e.jpg  photo 20130509_145713_zps89bf50c4.jpg  photo 20130509_145338_zps079fb54e.jpg  photo 20130509_145042_zpsf291bce1.jpg  photo 20130509_145029_zps9409ea18.jpg  photo 20130509_144156_zps70164085.jpg  photo 20130509_144147_zps5bc05f14.jpg  photo 20130509_144135_zpsbd22e100.jpg  photo 20130509_144120_zpsa34df036.jpg  photo 20130509_144036_zps983586f9.jpg  photo 20130509_143032_zps856fbd26.jpg  photo 20130509_143029_zpsd749d5c0.jpg

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