• Easy way to send Birthday gift online with beautiful flowers

    Easy way to send Birthday gift online with beautiful flowers

    For almost everyone around the world, a birthday is an extraordinary occasion. It is one day in the year that they look forward. On this day, everyone has some expectations. They expect their near and dear ones to wish them and make their day special. Hence, when it is the birthday of someone that you love and respect, then you should make every effort...
  • Boscobel Roses

    Boscobel Roses

    Boscobel Roses
  • The Vaikunth Flower Show

    The Vaikunth Flower Show

    A grand show of flowers ‘Mahabaleshwar Flower Festival’ has been organized by Vaikunth Piramal at Piramal realty, Balkum where people can see 1 million flowers of different species & 18 differently themed gardens. Inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show of UK, the Vaikunth Flower Show was thrown open to the public on December 22 and will be there till January 3, 2016 This was...
  • Taking Care of Flowers during Summer

    Taking Care of Flowers during Summer

    It is the peak of Summer and this year the heat has been extremely erratic and temperatures have reached high degree’s than usual across India. Us humans are barely being able to survive these temperatures, hence one can image how this would affect fresh flower arrangements. Flowers go thru a long journey after being harvested and packed at the growers to being transported to...
  • Specialty of Winter Flowers

    Specialty of Winter Flowers

    Winter is the time of the year, when you sit before the fire, and having a big mug of coffee in your hand, and you think some coziest thing in your mind at the cold break day. Winter is also that time, when everyone is in wait of arrival of Valentine’s Day to express love and affiliation with his or her beloved ones. Then...
  • Feng Shui Flowers

    Feng Shui Flowers

    Feng Shui Flower Symbols in Your Home: How To Use Flowers for Good Feng Shui In classical feng shui applications flowers are symbols of beauty and grace. The feng shui use of the flowers symbol is based on the same universal feeling that flowers evoke in all humans – a feeling of beauty, grace, and a delicate, alive sensuality. The universal language of flowers...
  • Eight Basic Flower Arranging Designs

    Eight Basic Flower Arranging Designs

    Eight Basic Flower Arranging Designs If you are used to working with fresh flowers, it will take some time to get used to all the possibilities and limitations when using silks. Though so similar in use, artificial flowers are an entirely different art form. The line, focal, filler technique is an excellent way to design artificial and dried flower arrangements. Horizontal Arrangements 1. Using...
  • Flower Astrology Signs

    Flower Astrology Signs

    Meanings of Flower Astrology Signs Zodiac flower signs are based on the astrological zodiac signs. These are provided here as another method of self-discovery. Flowers offer us a blossoming perspective into our personalities. When we see ourselves as ever expanding and growing flowers, we know that we are infused with infinite potential. Associating our personality with our zodiac flower signs also allows us to...
  • Sikkim International Flower Show 2013

    Sikkim International Flower Show 2013

    Flora and Fauna Sikkim is situated in an ecological hotspot of the lower Himalayas, one of only three among the ecoregions of India. The forested regions of the state exhibit a diverse range of fauna and flora. Owing to its altitudinal gradation, the state has a wide variety of plants, from tropical species to temperate, alpine and tundra ones, and is perhaps one of...
  • Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok (BITEC)

    Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok (BITEC)

    Horti Asia 2013 Bangkok 9 – 11th May 2013 Horti Asia this year was held at Bangkok and was a big success. Horti Asia is an International Tradeshow for Horticultural and Floricultural production and Procession technology which displayed products and methods around the world for improvisation, innovation and growth mediums for flowers, plants, fruits and agricultural production on a whole. The event was at...
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