The importance of Ram Navami & Celebration


As you opt for flower delivery in Mumbai to your residence for Ram Navami, it is important to ask yourself whether you actually know about the importance of Ram Navami or not. We are confident that you know that Ram Navami is a festival that celebrates the birthday of Lord Ram. It makes a lot of difference to the Hindus, and there is no other festival that can be compared with Ram Navami. The reason behind it is that Lord Ram was kind-hearted, had a forgiving nature, and always spoke the truth. He belonged to Satyug, and his influence is reflected in every individual who speaks the truth and has a calm nature.

Ram Navami Celebration in every city of India

However, when we talk about Ram Navami, we should know that as we celebrate Ram Navami, we talk about the removal of evil powers and make an attempt to look upon the entrance of the divine power on the earth. This isn’t an easy process, but one sticks with it because they believe that one day they will be as clean and calm as Lord Ram.

Ram Navami is a festival that is celebrated enthusiastically for the purification of body and soul. After all, God Ram came to earth to destroy the demon Ravana so that Dharma could be maintained in this universe. Lord’s presence has an impact on the individuals and scholars talk about his power and presence on this auspicious day. Ram Navami is also seen as a victory of goodness and the establishment of Dharma, as evil power is defeated.

While people do not celebrate Ram Navami on a large scale in urban cities, people do not forget to send flowers online to their elders in villages. This is a good thing, and one can be sure that remembrance of the supreme power on Ram Navami in this little way even counts. We know that you may not sing devotional songs the entire day as people do in rural areas, but listening to the recitation even once can help you do your bit in this selfish and careless world.

Fasting ritual on Ram Navami

Fasting on Ram Navami is a common practice, and it helps in getting the body and mind purified. People visit Saryu River of the Ayodhya to have a holy bath as a part of the purification process. Ramleela is even practiced by people across the country on Ram Navami.

This time, we are sure that you are in some urban city and have sent flowers to your loved ones in villages, but we hope the tables will turn. Next time, you may be in your village for Ram Navami and send flowers to Mumbai to your relatives there.

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