Which Color Flowers should send on friendship day and meaning of flowers colours?


Friendship day is one of the most special days for people of all ages. This is the day when people take time out of their busy schedules and celebrate with their close friends. This is the day when friends get together and reminisce about old times while also planning their future. Typically, this day is synonymous with gifts. People spend hours deciding what to get their close friends on this particular occasion. Some of the ordinary gift ideas include chocolates, apparel, , etc. While, material things are a kind gesture, but one should never undermine the power of flowers. Flowers are more than just another gift. They express many things all at once. It is, for this reason, a great idea to send flowers for friendship day even if you are not physically available.

However, many people make the mistake of randomly picking any flower or a bouquet of flowers without knowing what they mean. Sending the right type of flowers on this occasion makes your gift extremely thoughtful. Thus, making your friend feel special. Here are some tips to send flowers on this friendship day.

Red Oak Leaf Geranium for Passion and Vibrancy

Red oak leaf geranium flowers are not very easy to find. However, if you manage to find them, then it can be an ideal gift on the occasion of friendship day. This particular flower stands for true friendship and as a result of which it is perhaps the most suitable option for friendship day. The color red reflects passion and vibrancy. This flower is primarily available in South Africa. However, you can opt for online flower delivery of these and surprise your friend. This will not only show how valuable they are to you, but it also will tell them that you care enough to make an effort to find the most suitable flower for the occasion of friendship day.

Yellow Ivy Flowers to Celebrate the Bond of Friendship

These flowers are one of the most sophisticated types of flowers which are widely used for decoration purpose. They give a touch of class and elegance to every occasion. Moreover, they are an ideal choice for friendship day because they also stand for the long-lasting bond. Yellow is the color which is widely known to celebrate the bond of friendship. Hence, if you have a friend with whom their relationship means the world to you, then sending Ivy flowers to them is the best option, this friendship day.

White Bird of Paradise Flowers for Your Childhood Friend

Strelitzia flowers which are more popularly known as the bird of paradise is yet another unique flower which speaks a thousand words. Although they are challenging to find in India, you can get them for your friend through online flower delivery Mumbai. This is an excellent choice because when you gift this to your friend the message that you are giving him or her is one of happiness and joyfulness. In addition to this, the color white stands for purity and innocence, which is suitable if you have known your friend since childhood.

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