Why Women love Flowers


“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world.” – Christian Dior.

It is true that women have always loved flowers since time immemorial. They adorn their hair with it, wear flower garlands, hold it in their hands, and love to have flowers around. Recently, a study conducted by a team of psychologists from the University of South Brittany found that women are more receptive to men’s advances in the presence of flowers.

Some researchers also suggest the term Biophilia, which refers to “the urge to affiliate with other forms of life” as defined by American biologist Edward O Wilson. According to the hypothesis, during human evolution, it was important for our ancestors to remember plants that could produce fruits and vegetables. As fruits develop out of flowers, flowers got embedded in our natural survival mechanism as positive signs that indicate fertility and food abundance.

So now we know it is really true – flowers are the way to a woman’s heart. You can never overdo giving flowers to a woman. But what makes flowers so lovable to women?

Fragrance and colour

Flowers are sensuous in nature since they appeal to two senses at a time – smells and visual. It has long been known that colours have a great impact on our moods and emotions. Pastel colours create an atmosphere of comfort and safety. While strong colours like red, orange and magenta generate passion in emotions. Today, online flower delivery in Mumbai has become highly efficient where you can customize the bouquet of flowers and schedule it to be delivered at a particular date and time.

Similarly, different fragrances have been known to have a different effect on mental state. The smell of Lavender is known to have a calming effect on the mind and the rose fragrance is known to incite passion. The smell of Jasmine is known to energize and invigorate. A combination of floral smell definitely makes one happy and joyous.

Hidden Meaning

Over time, different flowers have come to represent different messages. For example, red roses and red tulips denote declaration of love. White lilies show admiration for beauty and purity while yellow roses convey the value of friendship. Pink and purple carnations are reserved for elderly women, especially mothers and grandmothers. There are so many different flowers and each holds a special meaning, which is why which flower you give a woman, becomes so important. Most women are aware of the language of flowers and can easily understand the subtle messages in the flowers they receive. It is now possible to order flowers online in Mumbai and send flowers that convey exactly what you want.

Uniqueness and feeling special

When a woman receives a bunch of flowers, it makes her feel special and important. Though flowers are perishable, she appreciates that the person has taken pains to select fresh flowers and create a unique bouquet just for her. It may not last forever but the memory of the occasion and the emotions for that person last a lifetime.

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