Choosing flower for Girls is it a Difficult task?


Girls like flowers not just for their beauty and fragrance, but also for the hidden meanings that they convey. They look forward to flowers from their dear ones for the subtle message they carry. Due to distances in Mumbai, it is not always feasible to purchase flowers and give them to the girl in person. It is now possible to order flowers online in Mumbai and get the delivered to the person exactly when you want.

Before choosing flowers for any girl, it is very important to know the language of flowers. Generally, the language can be based on colour or the variety of flower. Let us look at some of the universal meanings of different flowers.

Red flowers generally symbolize love. Roses and Carnations in red colour are popularly used to express love and thus are highly in demand on valentines’ day.

White coloured flowers generally symbolize spirituality, innocence, and purity. White roses and white carnations represent innocence and purity.

Red and white roses combined represent unity in love and are commonly used to mean marriage. Thus they form an apt bunch of flowers to accompany a proposal for marriage. They are also a good bunch to surprise your new wife.

Pink flowers represent grace and thankfulness. Pink carnations can be gifted as tokens of love to mother or sisters whereas pink roses can be given to any girl you appreciate and consider graceful. A girl will take pink roses as a sign of appreciation for her character and personality. If you cannot give flowers personally, you can easily send flowers in Mumbai by ordering online with florists.

Yellow flowers have contrasting meanings in different cultures. Earlier in some cultures, yellow flowers represented hopeless love, broken heart, or disappointment in love. But now, yellow is a colour popularly associated with the sunshine and hence energy, joyfulness, and excitement. Yellow roses in India are a symbol of friendship. They convey “thank you for being my friend”.

Gerbera daisies are flowers that come in many different bold colours and look beautiful as a bunch. They generally stand for cheerfulness and thus are a perfect gift if you want to wish someone quick recovery. A bunch of daffodils can be also used for similar purpose.

Lilies generally represent beauty and refinement. Especially white lilies are a symbol of appreciation for beauty and thus can be given on any occasion.

Tulips are unmistaken symbols of love if given to a girl. Red tulips are a declaration of undying love. White tulips symbolize one-sided love or a claim to being worthy of love. Yellow tulips earlier used to represent hopeless love but now generally mean “you bring the sunshine to my life”.

Now that you know the language of flowers you should be able to select the right bouquet to give. And if you are sitting far away it is now possible to send flowers to Mumbai to your dear ones by ordering online for delivery.

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