History of Flower Arrangement


Flowers have been a part of human civilization since ancient times. They have formed an integral part of human life, in celebrations, in mourning, in prayers, and as ornaments. Mostly everyone come across some kind of flower decoration every day. Today many florists draw inspiration from history for designing bouquets and it is possible to order flowers online with such unique arrangements.

In Ancient Egypt flowers formed an integral part of royal households and flowers decorated in vases across the house were a sign of wealth of the family. Typically Roses, Violets, Jasmine and Lilly were used. But the most sacred of all flowers was Lotus Blossom which was considered to represent the Sun God. They were placed in rows with leaves such that no flower overlapped but special care was taken to keep the stem hidden.

In the Far East, flowers have been used in religious as well as medicinal purposes since ancient times. In China, Buddhists monks spent considerable time making elaborate flower arrangements for decorating the altars. The Japanese art of flower decoration, Ikebana is not just flower arrangement but is considered a form of meditation to help get clarity of thought. Ikebana gained world popularity during the 19th century for its unique use of flowers, stems, and leaves. In India as well, Ikebana arrangements are used across offices and formal locations. It is possible to order for Ikebana bouquets through online flower delivery in Mumbai.

The Greeks and Romans used flowers extensively on every occasion. The Olive wreath became famous as a sign of victory after it was given to winners of the Ancient Olympics. The Greeks gave special importance to the smell of the flower arrangement more than the colour or look and therefore herbs like basil and thyme were also significant. They were obsessed with Rose flower for its delicate structure and luxurious smell. Rose petals were spread across the floor at grand dinners so that crushing of the petals released fragrance all around. In fact, the main course at dinner was often referred to as the hour of Rose because the fragrance of rose became really intense by that time.

Later Europe carried on the tradition where gardens were maintained by churches and fresh flowers decorated the altars every day. The French decorations were delicate and feminine in earlier times and then evolved to huge vases and large bunches with Bonaparte rule. In England, the art of flower arrangement developed only during the Victorian period and formed an important part of social gatherings. It is during this time that specific flower started to signify specific emotions and was used to convey feelings.

Through ages flowers have been arranged as bunches, garlands, wreathes, in vases, in bowls, on floors, hanging from walls and even gifted as a single flower. Whatever many be the style, flowers have always been used to convey different emotions and moods. Today through order flowers online for any occasion and that perfect bunch that suits your needs.

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