Extend the Life of your Flowers

Extending the Life of Your Flowers
At one time or another, you will get flowers from a loved one, even order flowers online yourself, or send flowers to India. In that case, you would want to take care of the flowers so they last longer. But how do you do that? Here are a few ways you can use to prolong the life of your flowers after flower delivery Mumbai.

Get the Right Flowers
When ordering flowers from an all-India florist or when you want to send flowers online, choose bunches of flowers that contain fresh buds. The fresh buds take time before opening and thus will give you longer vase life. The buds will continue to bloom at home as they sit in your vase. When getting online flowers delivery, let your online florist know that you require fresh Mumbai flowers.

Use a Clean Flower Vase
The main reason why flowers wither is due to the presence of bacteria in the water. The bacteria block the flower's stem preventing good absorption of water. Bacteria will thus cause the flower blooms to wilt before their time. When cleaning our flower vase, add a few drops of chlorine to the water. Chlorine sanitizes surfaces and will make your flower vase bacteria-free.

Add flower food to the water
Not many know that flower food exists to add to water to put your flowers. You can get flower food in a Mumbai florist shop. After adding water to your flower vase, add flower food according to the instructions in the product. Flower food provides your flowers with nutrients to extend their life.

Pluck the Lower Leaves
The leaves close to the stem's bottom, 'bottom stem' often get submerged in the water in a flower vase. As a result, these leaves will rot and introduce bacteria to the water. If your flowers are roses, be careful in removing the thorns are they are prone to wounds during the removal process.

Cut the Flower Stems
Before inserting the flowers in the flower vase, slightly cut the stem using a pair of scissors or knife. Disinfect the pair of scissors or the knife before cutting to avoid any chances of introducing bacteria to the flower stem.

Place your Flower Vase far From Fruits
Ensure there is no fruit bowl around where you place your flower vase. Fruits release a ripening hormone—ethylene which will cause any flowers or plants to age quickly.

Keep Your Flowers in a Cool Place
Some of the weather conditions, such as high temperatures and direct sunlight, shorten the lifespan of your flowers. Therefore, store your flowers in a cool environment.

Refresh the Water Regularly
When flowers are thirsty, they begin to die slowly. Check the water level in your flower vase regularly to see that the stems are fully covered. Also, after a few days, change the water and recut the systems before returning them to water.
Prolonging the life of your flowers after Mumbai flower delivery is not as hard as you may think. Practicing the above techniques will preserve the life of your flowers and keep them in your home longer.

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