The Best Flowers to Send at Every Stage in Your Relationship


The Best Flowers to Send at Every Stage in Your Relationship

From the time you first see her 'til death parts the two of you, she lights up your life like a garden in full bloom. Her smile, eyes, laugh and the touch of her hand contribute to your joy and wellbeing. She deserves to know how much you appreciate her company with a radiant arrangement of Mumbai flowers. However, where the two of you stand in the relationship plays a significant role when presenting the perfect assortment. Read on to find the ideal array of fragrant beauties for the woman you love at each milestone in your relationship.

Just Friends:
When you're looking to buy flowers for a friend whose affiliation with you is strictly platonic, yellow and white flowers are the best-suited. Include daisies, snapdragons, or sunflowers with baby's breath or alstroemerias. If you're planning to profess a crush on a friend, then ideal bouquets feature pink and orange blooms or include flirtatious azalea, tulips, or sweet pea.

Starting to Date

So, at this point, you've taken her out a few times and there's a solid connection between you two. You've decided to become an exclusive couple and you want to show her how excited you are with online flowers delivery or Mumbai flower delivery. To express the sentiment with the help of an online florist, go for an arrangement filled with orchids, poppies, and irises in deep pinks and reds. Spreads with rich green filler are also well suited at this stage in relationship development.

When you're sure you want to keep a good thing going as long as you can, maybe even starting to think about forever with this one, the bouquets you need have red roses, tulips, or maybe violets instead. Mixing in pink and white carnations and peonies can make a beautiful bouquet become an exciting and breathtaking array.

For Apologies:
Everyone messes up sometimes, so if you ever need to make an apology, send flowers online from an all India florist. Stargazer lilies or purple hyacinths are perfect ways to add sincerity to saying "I'm sorry."

For Thank-Yous:
Alternatively, when you want to order flowers online as a sign of appreciation to the one you love, chrysanthemums and sweet peas are a lovely and fragrant choice that she'll love.

The Proposal:
Now you know she's the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Go with a company trusted to send flowers to India with a freshness guarantee. May Flower has phenomenal lilies or irises and seductive red roses that are perfect to swoon her before you pop the question.

There are hundreds of wedding flower favorites out there. If you want to start the honeymoon with an extra dose of romance, have a bouquet ready as you settle in after the wedding. Alsomerias, foxgloves, and gardenias are all quite unconventional yet exceptional choices.

After a year together, carnations are traditional first anniversary flowers. For the fifth, daisies are classic. The tenth-anniversary calls for daffodils, and irises on the 25th. If you both make it to your 50th, yellow roses are the perfect gift.

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