Flowers for February Month


February is the month when spring season knocks at the door of the Earth and nature is waking up from a long winter sleep. It is also a month when the weather is most appropriate for flowers to bloom. The temperatures are right, the sun shines brightly but is not too hot, cool breeze flows around and the air is fresh.

February is also the month for celebrating love. Valentines Day is celebrated world over on the 14th of this month. Even in India, different regional cultures celebrate the coming of Spring as Vasant-Utsav with fairs, feasts and get-togethers.

And what better way to celebrate the season than sending fresh flowers to your loved ones. Even if you are located far, it is easily possible to arrange flower delivery in Mumbai by ordering through online florists.

Romantic expression

If you want to express love to your sweetheart, what better way sending a bouquet of red flowers. Typically red roses are used extensively on Valentines’ Day to show love. Even a single rose is a great way to express your feelings. But if you like to be more exotic, you can select a bunch of red tulips which is considered an open declaration of love. The easiest way to select your favourite bunch is to order flowers online.

If you are married or would like to propose marriage, a good choice would be a mix of red and white roses or red and white carnations. A mix of red and white flowers denote love, togetherness, and sacredness of the bond.

You can also surprise your loved one with a life-size bouquet which is 4 or 5 feet tall. These flower arrangements are constructed with 100 or 200 flowers and by ordering online flower delivery in Mumbai you can escape the hassle of fetching one yourself.


Friends form a very important part of our lives and it is suitable to show appreciation for someone’s friendship on Valentines’ Day. Yellow roses are considered appropriate to celebrate friendship and you can easily order flowers online to be delivered to your friends wherever they are. In modern times, yellow flowers represent sunshine and brightness, and what better way to celebrate the month of Spring.

Family and near ones

Spring is also a good time to show your love and care for your family members. If you are planning to send flowers to your mother or an aunt, pink or violet is an appropriate colour. If pink roses seem like a cliché, you can get a bunch of tulips or gerbera in mixed shades of pink and violet. If you order flowers online, it is possible to customize the bouquet of flowers as per your choice and get it delivered exactly on the particular date and time.

February brings new life and new bloom to the world, it is a time for freshness and spreading happiness and the best way to celebrate this month is to gift a bouquet of fresh flowers to your loved ones and brighten up their lives.

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