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Weddings are an elaborate affair in India irrespective of the religion, region or caste. Everybody has different customs, pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals but in every wedding, flowers play a very important role. Usually, a wedding house is immediately recognized from the flower decorations across the household. Many pre-wedding rituals involve the bride and the groom to be decorated with flower jewellery. The wedding venue is laden with flowers everywhere and nowadays there are firms that specialize in stage decorations with flowers. And of course, no wedding is complete without really big wedding garlands.

But apart from the traditional role of flowers in Indian weddings, flower arrangements are finding new uses. Today many couples insist on “no-gift” policy for their wedding guests. In such cases, guests like to carry flower bouquets which are not really “gift” but aptly convey the congratulations and best wishes to the newly wed. It is very easy to get beautiful and unique bouquets if you order flowers online. Flower arrangements also make for a great gift for pre-wedding functions and for the close relatives of the bride and groom. Many times, if the marriage involves a business associate or colleague located in another city, it is a good idea to order online flower delivery and convey your best wishes.

Traditionally, Marigold is an integral part of Hindu weddings with everything from the house, venue, madap being decorated with Marigold. In Christian weddings though, Marigold is an absolute NO, since it is thought to bring grief and bad luck. Instead, any other white flowers are considered auspicious. Similarly, south Indian weddings use Jasmine extensively. A bride is never complete without flower garlands in her hair. Red Roses have always been included in wedding garlands since they represent love and dedication. Rajnigandha is also popularly used to decorate wedding venues, as their enchanting smell that brightens up the atmosphere.

Today many new flowers are being introduced in wedding celebrations to bring refinement and uniqueness to the festivity. Orchids have gained popularity as the new favourites at wedding decorations. Different colour orchids are used to create a colour theme for the venue. Orchids along with wild ferns and grass give an elegant aura to the wedding celebrations.

Another flower gaining popularity is Tulip. Tulips were rare and very expensive earlier, but with Tulip cultivation taking ground in India, they are now easily available. Tulips are beautiful flowers that come in many different colours but red, white, pink and purple are most popularly used for weddings. Red Tulips are an open declaration of love and hence can be used in pre-wedding celebrations as well.

Today many couples in India opt for wedding planners who take care of arrangements for all pre-wedding and wedding functions. A wedding planner can help decide which flowers to include for different functions based on the decoration theme, budget constraints, and personal choice. The choice of flowers may change with time, but flowers will always be a very important part of Indian weddings.

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